Pink sky at night

We had several warm, cloudy, and rainy days last week, but Tuesday was the day the cold front was supposed to move through and change the weather. That evening, right before sunset, the entire sky seemed to be filled with pink clouds.

This was the view from the front steps. You can see one end of the house on the left of the image and the other end on the right side of the image. I took the image with my iPhone in panorama mode. The view is centered towards the east. Click for a bigger view.

This is the view back towards the house from the front yard.

This time of year the sun sets a little to the right on the house in this image, behind the mountain so that we can’t get a decent view of the sunset. As a consolation, this time the sun provided a nice show everywhere in the sky.

The cold front did, indeed, pass, leaving us with significantly cooler days and nights, despite the continuation of cloudy skies.

Sunrise, sunset

I rushed to grab my iPhone Wednesday morning to get a shot of the sunrise.

These last only a few minutes and I was in the bedroom, where I keep my phone by the bed. If I had taken the time to get the camera, it would have been a different sunrise. I wonder how different the shot would have been with the camera. Better? About the same?

Later towards sunset, which we can’t see from our house, I looked towards the east to see what I could see. How about pink virga?

This was so late that the sky was dark just a few minutes later. I used my new Olympus camera for this shot.

Thursday evening Leah went onto the porch to check on the cats. She urgently called me to come out to see the moon rising from behind the mountain.

This is a fairly long exposure, probably a second or more. I swapped to a telephone lens on my camera, so I had to prop the camera on the porch railing. Several shots were blurred, but this one turned out OK. A tripod would have worked better, but moonrises are fast, just like sunrises, and getting it out would have taken so long that the shot would have been gone. As it was, I missed the shot with the moon just peeking over the ridge line.

Sunrise at caniconfidimus

Sunrise on Sunday from our bed:


The sun is edging south as the season progresses. It has been rising just out of view to the left of the window from our bed, but it’s now almost visible. We don’t have any window treatments, so it’s going to serve as our alarm clock soon.

We don’t have curtains, but at last we have cabinets. This was our kitchen on Tuesday.


I had already cleared out the boxes that had been sitting on the floor, the bifold door for the master bath, and the shelves you can see just inside our dining/living area.

This was our kitchen on Thursday, after a day of work by cabinet installers.


Zeke is thoughtfully searching for spilled food.

The dishwasher hasn’t been installed. At the time of this photo, neither had the range. The countertop installers are supposed to do a final measurement of the base cabinets soon, and then, after around two weeks, we should have quartz countertops. That will be nice — a completed kitchen. Well, complete except for window trim, base moldings and crown molding.

To bookend things, this was the sunset on Sunday.


This was shot with my iPhone, as usual, cropped down so you can get at least a hint of what the sunset really looked like. And, as usual, it was shot on a city street, the only place we have now where we can actually see the sunset.

More sunset

We walked out of a store late Tuesday evening and saw a wonderful sky.


I made these shots bigger than I usually do, so clicking on them should give you a larger image.

As usual, I had only my iPhone, so this is another phone shot. This sky deserved a panorama, but unfortunately when I started the pano on the left, it exposed for a relatively dark sky, which resulted in gross overexposure for the brighter parts of the sky. It’s a shame the shot has to include parking lot lights, but there was no way to avoid them or the power lines in the foreground.

This was what we saw a few minutes later on Huffaker Road.


I couldn’t get enough of the sky to show all the different types of clouds that were present. When you see this kind of sunset, or any type of landscape, your mind combines all the views into an overall mental image. You can see part of the scene through a gap in the trees are you drive, and another part a few hundred yards down the road. Your mind puts it all together and you can imagine what the entire sky looks like. Trying to get that mental image into a camera can be frustrating.

A few days ago we went up to the top of the mountain to see whether we could get a better view of the sunset. Up there the sun was setting in line with the ridge, so we could not actually see the sun. I thought maybe there would be a better view if we went down into Texas Valley. Tuesday evening we did that. There isn’t. The trees are so close to the road that they obscure the sky.