Friday Felines

We’re a little late again. Mark says it’s because once you retire, every day is Saturday, so we keep forgetting when the rest of the world is on Friday.

Anyway, this is what Zoe looks like a lot of the time since he’s been staying outside.

Leafy cat

Leafy cat

This is not the worst he has been. He likes to stay under the two big loropetalums at the side of the house. The cold snap we had killed almost every leaf on the bushes, so the ground under them is littered with dead leaves. Zoe’s fur picks them up pretty well. He usually has one or two near his rear end. We say it’s the latest new fashion trend among cats, the butt leaf.

Friday Felines

Special Saturday Edition

Where in the world is Zoe?

zoe hidingHe has started making himself a little nest between the two gardenias next to our driveway. This photo was taken a while back. The gardenias have both filled in a lot since then. Now it’s even harder to see him when he’s in there.


Friday Felines

Last Sunday evening we noticed that Chloe’s right cheek was swollen.

cheeky cat 2

It’s not easy to see, but if you compare her right cheek with her left cheek you can see the difference.

swollen cheek cat

We aren’t sure what happened to her. Maybe it was a wasp sting. It didn’t seem to bother her, and the swelling had gone down by the next day.

Friday Felines

Smokey is the most affectionate cat we have. He loves to be petted so much he’ll lie down and roll over for a belly rub. I think that’s pretty unusual for a cat.

smokey belly rub

Mark took this picture in the driveway when Smokey needed some loving. He has a pretty good beer belly to rub.