Friday Felines

Updated: This is the update on the kitty in the window…His name is Cormac Mckitty (after the author Cormac McCarthy).  The owner got him in 2009 to help control mice in the bookstore.

We were walking down Broad Street Monday night to take a picture of the Forrest Hotel for Mark’s post on the Forrest Barber Shop when we saw a family with a little girl coming towards us. The little girl pointed at a closed store and said something about seeing a kitty cat. We thought it was a picture or figurine. When we got to the store we looked but didn’t see anything. Then we saw this.

cat in the window

The cat was in the floor at first but then jumped up into the window display. We had to shoot through the glass and the cat wouldn’t pose for us, so it’s not a great picture. The cat turned around and walked away from us.

bookstore cat

This is the display at Paradise Lost Books, which sells used books.

The cat jumped down and disappeared into the store, so we couldn’t get any more pictures. We have emailed the store to see if we can get the story on the cat in the bookstore.

Friday Felines

Chloe is the first stray cat that showed up here, the mama cat with her two babies Rusty and Dusty. She likes to come inside at night sometimes, especially in cold weather. She sleeps on our bed, but before she goes to sleep, she wants some affection. Here she is one night recently. Mark saved this as a Quicktime movie.

Here it is in another form. Mark is trying to make sure everyone can view the movie.

Friday Felines

Sylvester came into the office last week to check on what we were doing. It looks like the planter stand was made for a cat to sit under.


It has been two weeks today, Friday, since Zoe disappeared. We haven’t heard or seen anything about him. I guess it’s time to face facts. He’s probably not coming back home to us.

Friday Felines

Our new neighbor, who is building a house down the street on Wildlife Trail, runs an earth-moving company. He asked us if he could park some of his equipment in our driveway overnight because he said that kind of equipment gets stolen pretty frequently. Of course we said yes. He had just pulled this bulldozer onto the driveway when Dusty discovered it. Can you see Dusty?

dusty on a dozer

Poor little Zoe hasn’t showed up yet and there’s no trace of him. He hasn’t had his pain medication for his arthritis or his eyedrops for his glaucoma in a week. The ad we put in the paper started on Tuesday, but we haven’t had any calls. We’ve talked to our three closest neighbors and no one has seen him. I have looked around the neighbors’ yards and Mark has walked up and down the mountain with the dogs and there was no sign of him. It doesn’t make any sense at all.