Friday Felines

This is a pretty common sight in the driveway, Dusty lying in the sun next to the azaleas and Sylvester or Smokey lying under the dogwood keeping an eye on him.


Sylvester acts like he’s just minding his own business, but sooner or later he’ll try to harass poor, old Dusty.



Friday Felines

Smokey’s latest habit is to lie down between me and Mark, usually with his head on Mark’s leg.

smokey reads a magHe looks like he’s reading the magazine, but he’s just waiting for Mark to put it down so he can assume his position for petting.


Friday Felines

For some reason Chloe and Zeke have both started going down into our basement and lying on an old sofa Mark brought with him from Alabama, but they don’t do it together very often.

zeke and chloeZeke does it more than Chloe. Chloe usually sleeps upstairs on our bed all day, goes outside for a while in the evening, and then comes back inside to sleep on our bed all night.