Friday Felines

Smokey and Sylvester got their summer cuts recently. Here they are right after Sly got his cut, but Smokey hadn’t.

sly and smoke sparringSometimes they get into it.

Here’s a better shot of Sylvester’s new haircut.

sly rollingHere is Smokey.

smokey on the couchSmokey’s summer cut doesn’t seem as drastic. It does cut down on his mats.

Late Thursday afternoon it started to get cooler and windy. Smokey and Sylvester both wanted to come in. Sylvester curled up on his cat tower.

sly dozingSmokey laid down on the couch.

smokey dozing


They came in to catch up on sleep. They’ll probably go back outside later in the evening, even if it is pretty cool.



Friday Felines

Sylvester walked with us the other day when we went up to look at the foundation work at the new house. On the way back down the drive, he stalked around in the grass beside the driveway.

sly in the grassHe was like a lion in the tall grass.

Unfortunately, all the grass will die soon, because it’s winter rye Mark put down early in the construction.


Friday Felines

Chloe and Dusty came up to the front door looking for treats. Then Sylvester showed up.

sly intimidatorHe kept peeking around the corner looking towards the door and the other cats. Chloe was keeping a sharp eye on him. I don’t know whether Sylvester was there to intimidate Dusty or just to get some treats for himself. But it seems like he’s always trying to start something with one of the cats. He’s just a butt.


Friday Felines

The last time we visited our friends in Denver two years ago, their cat Benny was very shy. He’s still shy, but not nearly as shy as he used to be. They said he changed to a much friendlier cat when the vet removed some bad teeth. He must have been hurting.

This is the only picture we were able to get. Benny climbed up on the sofa back behind us, but by the time Mark got his phone set to take a selfie, Benny was running away.

benny fleesBenny came around to eat, but we never were able to get any good pictures. So our friends’ daughter Emily provided us with these.




And finally, Benny is ready for his closeup.

benny_closeupMaybe the next time we visit, Benny will actually let us pet him.