Friday Felines

Sylvester didn’t follow us on our walk Thursday evening, but he met us when we came back. He likes to dive into culverts every so often

sly in the culvertCan you see him? Here he is zoomed in.

zoomed sly in the culvertThis is our neighbors’ driveway. We think Dusty might sleep in a culvert sometimes, either this one our ours. We also think Sylvester likes to chase him into the culvert sometimes. But not this time. This time he was just galavanting.




Friday Felines

Sylvester likes to come with us if we walk the dogs down to Fouche Gap after dinner. He runs around ahead of us and then falls behind. He meows if we get too far away. People passing in cars always look and smile when they see a cat walking with us and the dogs.

dog walking dogI got tired of Lucy constantly pulling on her leash, so Mark tied it to Zeke’s collar. Zeke barely even knows she’s there.


What else can I eat?

Smokey likes to hang around the ┬ádining room table while we eat, hoping we’ll give him something. Monday night Mark had a ground turkey patty and I had a pork chop, but all we had left over was mashed potatoes. I didn’t think he would actually eat them, but he did.

smokey eating mashed potatos


He looked up when Mark took the picture.

smokey over taters

It looked like he was thinking, “What’s the matter with you? There’s nothing to see here.”