Friday Felines

It must be summertime, because Zoe got his summer cut on Wednesday. This is how he looked before.

Zoe's impression of a throw pillow

Zoe’s impression of a throw pillow

This is him after the cut.

shaved zoe standingYou can’t see it in the picture, but his coat has grooves that make him look like an unfinished marble statue. You also can’t see it in the picture but he has a big pink belly that rolls out on the floor when he lies down. We’re going to have to put on a treadmill and cut back on the beer.

It’s supposed to get a little cooler next week. At least the ends of his legs and the tip of his tail will be warm.

Friday Felines

Zoe has always had a problem taking care of his long hair. His mane is even longer than the rest of his fur, and he always gets a mouthful of it when he grooms.

zoe licking fur


We plan to get him a spring cut next week. He’ll get a short cut on his underside but we may leave the rest of his coat alone until we’re sure warm weather is here to stay.

Friday Felines

It’s hard to make sure all the cats get all their food but not someone else’s food. I put medicine in Zoe’s canned food, and naturally every other cat wants some of that. If I put food out for Dusty and Rusty I have to make sure Sylvester and Smokey are inside, or they’ll chase them away. If I put dry food down inside the house, Zoe wants to eat that as well as his canned food. So sometimes Chloe gets breakfast in bed.

Wake up little kitty

Wake up little kitty

Friday Felines – Saturday edition

We can tell the seasons are changing because the sun isn’t shining into our bedroom as much now as it did earlier this year. That means the critters have to fight for space in the sun. Zeke is the biggest, so he usually gets the best spot. Zoe had to settle for a spot on Zeke’s bed this time.

zoe and zeke in sunbeamI think Zoe got the best of it this time.