Friday Felines

The last time we visited our friends in Denver two years ago, their cat Benny was very shy. He’s still shy, but not nearly as shy as he used to be. They said he changed to a much friendlier cat when the vet removed some bad teeth. He must have been hurting.

This is the only picture we were able to get. Benny climbed up on the sofa back behind us, but by the time Mark got his phone set to take a selfie, Benny was running away.

benny fleesBenny came around to eat, but we never were able to get any good pictures. So our friends’ daughter Emily provided us with these.




And finally, Benny is ready for his closeup.

benny_closeupMaybe the next time we visit, Benny will actually let us pet him.



Friday Felines

Smokey got into it with our hedgehog cat toy a few nights ago. He’s ready to start it up again here.

smokey ready to pounce

He’s our most playful cat. I think he was tired here, because he had already thrashed the hedgehog for a while. I wish I could have got him in action because he does go bonkers.

Friday Felines

I had fed all the cats on this particular morning and so I thought Rusty had gone back to bed in her box in the garage, and everyone else was outside. When I went back outside some kitty was in the box. I assumed it was Rusty, but when I went out in the driveway to get Chloe, Rusty was on the wheel of the truck.

Out of the rain

Out of the rain

So it was Dusty.


I guess he had been out all night and was ready to get some Z’s. He’s a precious little boy.