Friday Felines

We tried for a long time to get the mats out of Smokey’s hair but just couldn’t do it, so we took him to the vet’s office for their groomer to work on. He’s not used to a carrier and he complained on the way. He┬áhas the saddest, smallest little meow. The groomer groomed and bathed him. It was an all-day affair.

They had to cut out some of the mats, but he still seemed a little matted when we got him home. I decided to comb him again.

smokegroom1As you can see, I got out a good bit of loose fluff right from the start.

smokegroom2He usually loves it when I comb him out.


He’s a good kitty. I really manhandled him, but he just laid there. I was holding him by his rear leg here, and he didn’t really care.

smokegroom3I kept at it for a while.


We couldn’t believe how much fur we got off him, even after the groomer had worked on him.


I think we could have kept combing and getting more and more fur but I finally got tired. I think Smokey did, too, but he didn’t complain much.


Friday Felines

This is a pretty common sight in the driveway, Dusty lying in the sun next to the azaleas and Sylvester or Smokey lying under the dogwood keeping an eye on him.


Sylvester acts like he’s just minding his own business, but sooner or later he’ll try to harass poor, old Dusty.



Friday Felines

Smokey’s latest habit is to lie down between me and Mark, usually with his head on Mark’s leg.

smokey reads a magHe looks like he’s reading the magazine, but he’s just waiting for Mark to put it down so he can assume his position for petting.


Friday Felines

Sylvester and Smokey both love milk. We usually put some down in the morning, but separately. This time they both wanted the milk at the same time.

milk faceoff

They have different styles for drinking. Smokey laps quickly and always gets milk on his chin and chest. Sylvester takes his time, like he’s savoring every taste. Here, neither one of them was ready to go first.