Friday Felines

When Smokey and Zoe are inside, Smokey often tries to get as close as he can to Zoe. They were lying down with their heads touching here before we got the camera.

head to head

And then when Smokey gets too close, Zoe eventually bops him and tries to bite him. Poor Smokey. All he wants to say is, “I love you, bro.”

Friday Felines

The front walk is a popular place for the animals to sun themselves. On this day, most of the cats wanted to sun themselves.

four on the walk

This is Rusty, Chloe, Smokey and Dusty.

Usually Zeke is out there. You can see the leash we use for him. When Zeke is out, we also close the gate. All four of these cats can get though, but Smokey catches his stomach on the way out. Zoe won’t even try.

Friday Felines

Smokey and Sylvester start playing and then one of them get too rough. That’s what happened here. Sylvester jumped up on the back of Mark’s truck but Smokey can’t get to him because Smokey doesn’t jump. Sylvester is lean and mean, so he doesn’t have any trouble.


Smokey stared at him for a while like he was going to get him, but when Sylvester jumped down, Smokey ran.

Friday Felines

I love oysters raw or cooked. I found some called Daufuski the other day and decided to have oysters on a cracker with cocktail sauce for lunch. They were so delicious that Smokey came and sat next to me.

"I smell oysters."

“I smell oysters.”

So I gave him some. I don’t think he enjoyed them as much as I did, but he ate them.

"Mmmmm …"

“Mmmmm …”

Zeke can always tell when food is being handed out, but he didn’t get any that day.

"Doesn't the dog get any?"

“Doesn’t the dog get any?”

Oysters are just for me and the cat. None for the dog or Mark (Mark won’t eat them anyway.)

Friday Felines

This is a common sight in the driveway in front of the garage around feeding time.

Mother and children

Mother and children

I brought out their feeding tray and Chloe and Dusty, on the right, came and ate. Rusty, who’s on the left, wasn’t interested. I thought they might want treats, so I brought them out and put some down in front of each cat. Chloe ate all hers and then pushed Dusty away and finished his. I finally had to push her away so Dusty could get some treats. Here he is looking suspiciously towards Chloe as she walks away.


He only has one treat left. Poor kitty.