Friday Felines

In the beginning Mark and the cats didn’t care for each other at all! This includes Zoe, Dusty, Rusty and Chloe. Then one day, Sylvester appeared coming out of the woods in the back yard. Smokey appeared some time later at the front of the house. And now for some reason, Smokey and Sylvester gets up on the couch with Mark. Mark pets them, and they love it.

mark and the cats

It doesn’t make much sense to me, since I’m the caregiver and provider. Ha ha.

Friday Felines

Sylvester seems to change his personality from winter to summer. He seems to want more affection in the summer. He came in last week and jumped up on the couch. He seemed to like it when I started petting him.

sly with butt up

scratching sly earHe eventually settled down and really got into it.

content sly


Friday Felines

We took a walk Thursday evening to see what had been done up at the new house. It has been so hot and dry here that the whole lot was very dusty. Everyone’s feet were covered with red dust. And then when we got back home, this is what we saw.

sly_dirtyhead1It sure looked like his head was half covered with red dust.

sly_dirtyhead2Yes. Oh, yes.

sly_dirtyhead3He looks like he followed us to the lot and rolled in the red dust up there, but he didn’t. We don’t know where he got this.




Friday Felines

On these hot days (about 86F) I go out about 4 pm to feed Rusty, Dusty and Chloe. On this day, after I put the food down, Sylvester went to lie down in the shade next to the front walk.

sly at the front

Smokey went under the truck.

smoke under the truck

Rusty went back to lie in the little breezeway of her cat house.

rusty in the breezeway

Chloe went into the yard near the driveway.

chloe in the drive

Dusty went back to his perching rocks.

dusty in the shade

In the time it took me to go inside to get the camera, the fox had come and eaten three containers of food. This is a daily problem.

Friday Felines

We put a big doghouse in the garage last winter with a big, fluffy dog bed in it so one or more of the cats would have a place to sleep. Smokey seemed to like it. We’ve taken the doghouse out of the garage, but we left the bed there. Smokey still likes it.

smokey nestledHe lies there for hours. He’s not like the other cats. We can come and go, and Mark can mess around in the garage and Smokey just lies there. The only time he wants to get up is to come in to eat.