‘Twas the night before Christmas …

… when all thro’ the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a

Wait, Smokey, you’re wide awake.

Put your head down and go to sleep.

Well, you didn’t have to take me literally, but that’s OK, thats a good cat.

Now, where we were. Oh, yes, not a creature … Zeke? You need to go to sleep.

Go find Sam and get right to sleep. That’s a good dog.

Chloe? Why aren’t you asleep? Leave Dusty alone and go to bed.

That’s good.

chloe asleep

Lucy, cover up and go to sleep. Yes, you can use the other cover if you want.

That’s good. Sleep tight!

Now, where is Mollie? Mollie, this is your first Christmas with us. You need to get to bed or Santa won’t come. Mollie? You can’t sleep there, and you’re not asleep anyway, are you?

That’s not your bed.

That either.

No, you can’t watch the stove. And, besides, Santa doesn’t come down our chimney like that.

Mollie, just find a place and go to sleep, OK? Everyone is tired.

It’s OK if you want to sleep there, but you’re not going to see Santa. Maybe you can find a more comfortable place to sleep.

Yes, that’s good. Just don’t roll over.

Now, is everyone in bed?

Wait! Who? Mr. Owl, I think you’re lost.

Be careful of the reindeer on your way out!

Now I think everyone is in bed and asleep.

And soon, we’ll be visited by that right jolly old elf …

st dogolas

St. Dogolas!

And so, from Leah, Mark, Zeke, Lucy, Chloe, Dusty, Sylvester, Smokey, Sam, and Mollie

happy christmas

and to all a good night!

In memoriam: Zoe, gone since Fall 2014,


and Rusty, gone since 2015.


4 thoughts on “‘Twas the night before Christmas …

  1. I sit here in the pre-dawn on Christmas morning listening to at least two of my visiting grandchildren in the other room crying and my son-in-law attempting to soothe them. They’re angels, of course, but they’ve been celebrating too much with extended family and are both overstimulated and exhausted.

  2. Hope Santa saw that finally no creature was stirring and that he delivered the goods, chimney or no. What a sweet tribute to your household’s furry inhabitants, past and present. Wishing all a Happy New Year.

  3. Paul — The holidays can be stressful even for an adult. I can remember (way, way back) feeling kind of fussy myself.

    Robin — Thanks. I hope yours was good.

    Minnie — We didn’t get the animals anything special, but I did bring back a little ham that my sister in law prepared, and everyone got at least a little fatty scrap from that.

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