More fall

Some time within the last 10 days the mountain finally arrived at fall. When I took the dogs for their walk on Sunday, there was actually some color. Not as much as in the best years, but at least enough to make me feel like it was actually fall.

The smaller maples had the best color.

There was a nice view down Fouche Gap Road towards the first hairpin curve going into Texas Valley.

It was hard to capture the slight haze in the shadows.

This is looking up from the second hairpin curve, near the bottom of the mountain.

The leaves seemed to glow from the backlighting.

When I went down to get some mortar (I’m making a stone fireplace surround), I thought about making a video as I drove down, but I decided not to; the color is nice compared to what it was a week ago, but it’s still drab compared to some of the past falls up on the mountain.

3 thoughts on “More fall

  1. It really is quite beautiful there. Those maples are such a great color. We just got back home from our 700 mile journey and saw some subtle colors here along the rivers. Ah winter will soon be here..

  2. We got little color and for a short time this year – it just stayed too warm. I was up on the Cumberland Plateau yesterday, and coming down it this morning there was a riot of orange, which we had almost none of.

  3. Robin — This year the maples in the understory have the most color, and the most brilliant color. It is nice, even if a little muted compared to other years.

    Karen — The color, what there was of it, was late, and it’s going fast here, too.

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