Cat contemplates self

Like most cats, Mollie likes to jump up onto things. She particularly likes to investigate Leah’s dresser. She even more particularly likes to investigate the drawers.

She’s not necessarily interested in the contents. She’s really wants to get behind the drawers. The construction of the dresser prevents that, but she has found a way into the deep recesses of the bathroom vanity.

Once on top of the dresser, there really isn’t much to see.

Except that other cat.

What a good looking cat.

She checks it out for a while, but, really, nothing much other than grasshoppers can keep her interest for very long. Time for a nap.

4 thoughts on “Cat contemplates self

  1. Karen — I think it is a Cat Thing. She’s showing us other Cat Things, too, as we go along. Like scratching at the basement door in the pre-dawn hours.

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