When we picked our new cat Mollie up from the vet’s on Tuesday afternoon, we found out that she had already been spayed. The vet looked for a scar when we first took her in, but didn’t see one. When she did the surgery, she thought the scar from the original surgery was too jagged to be a result of surgery. So she went ahead and opened her up.

She wasn’t able to eat much that evening, but her appetite has returned. This is her walking away from her bowl after eating some cat food Friday night.

The shaved area on her abdomen is barely visible in front of her right rear leg.

We have been letting her out occasionally but Leah is not comfortable leaving her outside without monitoring her. She doesn’t do much but walk around curiously for a while and then lie down under the truck with Smokey. It’s been in the 90’s and very humid here, so neither Leah nor I are keen on standing around chaperoning her for very long.

3 thoughts on “Oops

  1. Interestingly, when we had our kitty cat Bonsai and first brought “her” to the vet to be spayed, we learned that she was a he, and had already been neutered. What a surprise. So we were glad that we had named her/him Bonsai which could go either way. Molly has found such a good, safe, and loving home. Lucky, lucky girl!

  2. My cat Gwen (who died at 19 2 summers ago) had also already been spayed when she came to me. A total house cat! She didn’t really like going outside at all. I always wonder about such cats … do they wonder what happened to their life? And what did?

  3. Robin — Molly is running around like she’s crazy, not even noticing her stitches. She gets them out on Friday.

    Karen — That’s a really long life for a cat. Leah’s parents got a seal point Siamese when Leah was four, and that cat lived to be 20. My dogs have not been so lucky. So far Zeke has lived the longest of any of my dogs.

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