Dogs in panic

I tried to do a little more work on the trim in the house on Saturday. Zeke and Sam objected. Strenuously.

I had put up the vertical casing on three doors a few days earlier and the dogs acted spooked, as they had in the past when I was using the pneumatic nailer. But this time was different.

The dogs were in the bedroom, where I wanted to install the baseboard behind the bed, so we could push the bed up against the wall. I didn’t realize they were there when I put two nails into a loose piece of flooring. They ran out of the room and pushed through the door into the garage. I had already lowered the garage doors because I figured they would want to be out there, so I wasn’t worried about that. But when I started moving the baseboard around — not even nailing yet, just moving — they freaked. Zeke started trying to rip the rubber gasket off the bottom of the garage door. It literally scared the crap out of Sam.

So this is the progress I made on the bedroom baseboards.

Loose baseboard and quarter round, plus abandoned nail gun.

On Tuesday I stopped at the vet’s office to ask their advice. They didn’t think sedatives were the answer. I didn’t either. I have a lot of trim left to do, and I didn’t want two doped-up dogs around for days on end. The vet suggested boarding them, but I don’t think that’s going to be practical. I guess I’ll try to fix up a hidey-hole for them in the garage.

Here’s Zeke in calmer times.


Notice that there are no baseboards on the wall behind him.

2 thoughts on “Dogs in panic

  1. That’s so interesting. Wonder why they get so spooked? Is there any other room in the house where they can hide? Or a temporary fenced in shelter outside? Do they respond that way to the sound a regular hammer?

  2. Robin — Both dogs are afraid of loud noises. Zeke has been that way for a long time, and Sam is just naturally skittish. I am planning to put them back in the garage with the doors completely closed, and use a smaller, more portable air compressor that will allow me to close the door of the room I’m working on as well as the door into the garage. I hope that will dull the sounds enough that they won’t freak out. I used a regular hammer to pound some drywall down even with a door frame on Monday. They didn’t seem too upset out that.

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