Sunrise, sunset

I rushed to grab my iPhone Wednesday morning to get a shot of the sunrise.

These last only a few minutes and I was in the bedroom, where I keep my phone by the bed. If I had taken the time to get the camera, it would have been a different sunrise. I wonder how different the shot would have been with the camera. Better? About the same?

Later towards sunset, which we can’t see from our house, I looked towards the east to see what I could see. How about pink virga?

This was so late that the sky was dark just a few minutes later. I used my new Olympus camera for this shot.

Thursday evening Leah went onto the porch to check on the cats. She urgently called me to come out to see the moon rising from behind the mountain.

This is a fairly long exposure, probably a second or more. I swapped to a telephone lens on my camera, so I had to prop the camera on the porch railing. Several shots were blurred, but this one turned out OK. A tripod would have worked better, but moonrises are fast, just like sunrises, and getting it out would have taken so long that the shot would have been gone. As it was, I missed the shot with the moon just peeking over the ridge line.

2 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunset

  1. Love seeing your sun and moon rises there. I stood out in 41 degree temp last evening waiting for the moon to come up over the coast range. I didn’t even put on a jacket, thinking that it would rise a bit sooner than it actually did. Quite a sight.

  2. Robin — We had several dramatic moonrises over the last few days. An orange moon with scattered clouds would have made a great shot, but I didn’t get that one.

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